HawkEye Media Photography

We’re more than just an aerial photography business! My love for photography was primarily the driving motivation to get into doing aerials. So while I shoot aerial views, my passion is still going out and making pretty pictures. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to a lot of places and I never leave home without my camera. Because of the pace at which technology evolves, we’re forced to continuously learn and grow. Cameras continue to get better, software continuously updates, hence new techniques in photography. I’m constantly admiring other photographers work and striving to teach myself these new techniques.

Landscape Photography

One of my favorite types of photography is shooting landscapes during sunset or sunrise and through the twilight hours. You just can’t beat that warm, natural, horizontal light.  Being in the right place at the right time also helps and these types of shoots usually require some planning. Because of time spent focused on sunset and sunrise landscapes, consequently I get better at other architectural disciplines.

Black & White Photography

Who doesn’t love a great black and white? This is another favorite discipline of mine. Why create black and white images when we see the world around us in color? There are a lot of reasons, one of them being that color no longer distracts. Converting bright color contrast to contrasting shades of grey can create a total shift in the mood of an image. Black and white images have a timeless, classic quality to them, often emphasizing an emotion that you wouldn’t get from a color version.

Wide Aspect Panoramic Photography

I started doing panoramas for Residential Real Estate Virtual Tours back in 2008. While this was initially driven by requests from Realtors®, I quickly became enthused by all of the possibilities this type of photography presented. These types of images are created by stitching together multiple images into something that has an aspect ratio of 2:1 or greater. Combining this technique to create large landscape print images 60 inches wide is one of my favorite types of photography.
Mark LaBoyteaux shooting a sunset in Vancouver
Mark LaBoyteaux creating twilight photos at the Vancouver Lighthouse
We have a variety of equipment which gives us the ability to meet most unique challenges. Every client has special and unique requests for their photographs, which we’re happy to meet. Here are a few of the unique types of photography we specialize in.
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