Construction Progress Photography

Construction Progress Documentation

Construction companies, contractors, brokers, and property owners can all benefit from having scheduled progress photographs done of their projects. Even before ground is broken, you can get detailed aerial views of your proposed construction site. These images can be used for logistics and pre-planning. A succession of aerial images can be turned into a time-lapse video for your team to study or use on your website and social media.

The HawkEye Media Advantage

High resolution digital photographs give a unique perspective of a project. Our photos have an excellent depth and quality. Unlike other cheap fly-by-night outfits, all of the images we deliver have been proofed and color corrected in post-production. We do this to ensure the highest quality images are delivered to you, the client. While our competition is happy to just hand over jpg images straight from the camera, you’ll find that these images are often exhibit flat colors and contrast, and crooked horizons.

We are often asked to also provide ground-based photos and/or video of locations where we’re doing aerials. This is something we specialize in! We have the equipment and experience to document your project from the ground and in the air. We can document your job site from the ground and from the air, saving you money by combining our services so you don’t have to hassle with hiring separate providers!

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Document Progress

Another benefit for aerial progress photographs is the ability for remote investors to study the progress of a specific project. These are views you just can’t get from Google! With our rapid turn-time, you can get near real-time information on progress. The photos are easily shared with remote owners or investors as well as other team members.

Aerial Views for Marketing

Photographs sell. Adding aerial views to your website, brochures and
social media accounts can drastically improve your marketing. Owners can
share images of their projects in progress and especially after
completion. These images can be used to show curious customers how
technical and intricate construction processes work.

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