Commercial Real Estate Photography

Commercial Real Estate Photography

If you’re looking for a full service Commercial Real Estate photographer, your search is over! Commercial Real Estate photography is more specialized, often requiring the use of full-scale aircraft. We’ve been doing aerial photography for over 15 years and started out shooting from manned aircraft.

Why is it important to shoot from a manned aircraft? It’s the only way to legally get high enough to show what is around the property! Remember in real estate it’s location, location, location. Drones are limited to a 400’ maximum altitude. And while they’re a useful tool, they’re not well suited for large commercial properties.

Another advantage to shooting from a manned aircraft, is the ability to use a high quality DSLR camera and zoom lens. We often shoot from a full-scaled helicopter with the doors removed. This allows us the flexibility to frame up each shot, perfectly.

However, in addition to the high-level views, we will use drones for low level shots. These are great for those close up, detailed views. They are also great for highlighting areas of interest and detail.  

Another service we offer is specialty mark-ups and logos. If you need custom overlays and design work on the images, we offer that service as well! Take a look at some of our marketing video examples and see for yourself. Our turn-key video solutions can take your marketing to another level!

It’s important for your marketing materials to stand out above your competition, therefore let HawkEye Media meet all of your needs for aerial and ground based photography and video.

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