Aerial Photos of Dallas

Aerial Views of Dallas

This gallery contains a collection of aerial views of Dallas and the CBD which I’ve created over the years. These images were all part of commercial projects so they’re a great showcase of our workmanship. Subjects include Bank of America Tower, Reunion Tower, Old Red Museum, Crescent Hotel, Klyde Warren Park, and Wells Fargo Bank Building.

When I started HawkEye Media back in 2005 I was focused primarily on residential real estate. Because several of my clients began asking for aerials of their listings, I merged several hobbies into one and started doing low level aerial photography using small RC helicopters. As a result, the business grew and I branched out into larger and larger projects. This led to more commercial work and requests for aerial photographs of the Dallas CBD and surrounding area.

A Move Downtown

As much as I enjoyed doing aerial photography with the small remote-controlled helicopters, a lot of my job requests were beyond their limits. It was time to move on up to photography from full scale aircraft! I’ve been involved in aviation all of my life, I earned a Private Pilot license with Instrument Rating, built a home-built experimental aircraft which I flew for several years, therefore it wasn’t much of a stretch to begin doing photography from real helicopters. While I felt I was a fairly competent commercial photographer, actually being IN the helicopter was a whole new challenge!

Shooting photos from a helicopter over dallas
Shooting photos from a helicopter over Dallas.

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A Library of Downtown Dallas Aerials

Over time I began to build a fairly large library of aerial photographs of the downtown Dallas and Central Business District. I’m often contacted asking if I have a specific stock photo of the CBD or downtown area because someone found our website in a google search for aerial views of downtown Dallas. So I combed through my past projects and put together a collection of photographs around the downtown Dallas and CBD area.

The HawkEye Media Difference

Because these images were created for previous clients, this should give you a good idea of the quality and workmanship on the images we deliver. We always do post-production on the images we deliver, as a result the horizons are straight, the vertical lines are vertical, the color is accurate along with contrast and sharpness. If you’re shopping around for an aerial photographer, start paying attention to the horizons in their photographs. Are they straight? Do they have an arc to them? What about the colors, are they vivid or flat? These are some of the little things other photographers will do to cut corners and offer a lower price, or often simply because they just don’t know how.

Fullscale R22 Taking Off
Fullscale R22 Taking Off

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We have a variety of equipment which gives us the ability to meet most unique challenges. Every client has special and unique requests for their photographs, which we’re happy to meet. Here are a few of the unique types of photography we specialize in.
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