About Us

I love filming stuff with moving cameras.
I’m an Emmy® award winning aerial videographer experienced in the filming of fast paced live sports television production with an aerial camera platform. I possess a combination of artistic talent and technical skills required for fast paced, dynamic cinematography.

My Story

I’m a photographer. Which is a simple way of saying I make pictures, but there’s so much more about what I do, so let me explain. A passion for photography and flying merged into chasing photographic perfection from the sky. This evolved into the pursuit of moving pictures along with a desire to learn architectural photography. As the tools and skills continued to expand, I found myself blending multiple talents and disciplines into a business delivering multiple services under one banner, HawkEye Media.
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Mark LaBoyteaux photographing Niagara Falls

I'm More than just a guy with a drone

These days there’s a flood of new photographers who’ve bought a cheap “drone” and are suddenly aerial photographers. Most of them have zero experience doing photography and know nothing about post production. There’s more to aerial photography than just point and click for a decent photograph of a rooftop.

Attention To Detail

One of the first things I do when working with a new client is to determine what are their goals? Do you need photographs, panoramas, a marketing video? What tools will I need to use? Time of day? What is the final output medium? What are the deliverables? Each project is unique and there is no “one-size fits all” cookie cutter approach.
Every project, whether it’s photographs or video, deserves my utmost attention to detail, straight horizons, color balance, straight verticals.

The Right Tool For the Job

I have a variety of cameras and options to use, dependent upon the particular needs of the project. Some projects are well suited for using small unmanned aerial vehicles, or “drones”. An example would be documentary photos of a new roof on a commercial building. Some jobs because of the location or desired content require the use of a full-scale aircraft or helicopter. An example of this would be commercial property where we need to show the “big picture” and highlight areas in proximity to the property’s location. Some video jobs are complex enough that we’ll need to use everything we have to tell your story.

Shooting photos from a helicopter over dallas
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