HawkEye Media Wedding Videography


Your wedding day - you've imagined what it would be like since you were a child. You will spend countless hours of planning, arranging, and anticipating.

When the day finally arrives, it rushes by in a flash.

Many couples comment that they remember very little of their wedding day. They were too nervous, caught up in the frenzy of activity and emotion.

Video goes far beyond traditional photography.

Video delivers your wedding day back to you in such a way that you feel like you are there again.

Couples tell me that they see more of their wedding day on the video than they did being there.

For example, you will plan your entire processional and never see it...

You are the last one down the aisle.

And of course, we're here to help you create a photo montage of still pictures, slides, video tapes and even old films to show at the rehearsal dinner or perhaps during the wedding reception, whether your wedding is traditional or unusual.

For those who choose to rely on videos and still photos taken by friends and relatives to document their wedding, we'll help you edit these into an artistic video that captures you in all your wedded glory.



Pricing - Weddings

Videography Packages Basic Extended Deluxe
Package Price $1800 $2800 $4000
Bride/Groom Video Interview No Yes Yes
Rehearsal Dinner Videography No No Yes
Bride/Groom Preparation Videography No Yes Yes
Site Preparation Videography No Yes Yes
Wedding Ceremony 2 cams, 1 operator 3 cams, 2 operators 3 cams, 2 operators
Reception Highlights Videography No 1 camera 2 cameras