HawkEye Media Photography For Real Estate

As a Real Estate Agent, you might ask yourself "How can I benefit from HawkEye Media's services?" Take a look at the images in the MLS or any Real Estate listing publication. Notice the images? What do they have in common....they're all shot from the front of the house at eye level. While these images do show a prospective client what the house looks like, they don't show off that "backyard oasis", or the "fabulous custom pool w/waterfalls" you're trying to use to sell the property.

A photograph from 40 or 50 feet above the ground gives it an entirely new perspective. You allow the client to view it from an oblique view. This view is more natural and gives a better sense of what the property is really about. When a prospective client sees the property from this unique perspective, it stands out from the rest of the listed properties. It's all about location, location, location, and the images we can provide you will make your listings stand out from the crowd.

We have several options for real estate. For simple shoots where we only need to access the property from the front, we would use one of our telescoping masts, which will allow us to capture images up to 55' above the ground. While this option is suitable for most realty shots, larger, unique properties would benefit from the use of one of our remotely piloted helicopter systems. These helicopter systems allow us much more freedom to compose the shot that is just right.

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In Real Estate it’s all about location-location-location. Imagine being able to show a prospective client crystal clear high resolution images that reinforce the “location” you’re selling! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then moving pictures are priceless. As a Realtor, give yourself an extra sales edge by showing your clients an aerial video of the property shot in HD.

To preview an example of what we can do to help showcase your property, click the image at left to view on of our sample videos for real estate.


We also have the ability to do night shots with our telescoping mast for that stunning image of properties with unique landscape lighting.

Aerial images shot from traditional full-scale aircraft are limited to an altitude no lower than 1000'. This type of service has traditionally been expensive and the images tend to be "roof shots" or they're shot with a telephoto lens with a very narrow field of view.

Our service is very affordable. Images shot from our 55' mast start at $100.00. This service is effective for a broad range of properties, so don't save it for your most expensive listing! Besides, you don't need to be hassled taking photos, you need to be working on getting more listings and doing what you do best, selling! Let us get the photos for you, especially the ones that are hard to get good shots of from ground level.

If you're a real estate agent, you need this service to increase your exposure to prospective clients. Want to impress your client? An aerial photograph of their property would make a unique gift after the sale! Call us at 817-422-2415 to schedule your shoot today!

Southlake Courthouse Night Photograph

HawkEye Media Aerial Photography Dallas Fort Worth
The Average Realtor Shot

HawkEye Media Aerial Photography Dallas Fort Worth
See the difference HawkEye Media can provide!

HawkEye Media Aerial Photography Dallas Fort Worth
This is an image from the opposite side, which was impossible to get any other way!