HawkEye Media Aerial Videography
Fort Worth Cats


HawkEye Media was contracted to produce aerial video of the Fort Worth Cats baseball team for a series of commercials for a marketing campaign in 2008. The footage was used in several of the commercials, which can still be found on YouTube. Here are some links to the commercials:

We had a LOT of fun on this shoot! We were working with a production company out of Chicago and the director had a specific shot in mind, the view of a baseball being hit out of the park and then panning towards downtown Fort Worth. We made take after take with our rc helicam aerial video platform to get the perfect shot. This was the first job we did where the camera operator used the virtual reality googles. These googles allow our camera operator to immerse himself within the video downlink and to actually feel as if he's flying the camera! We've put together a little demo video of some of the behind the scenes footage. You can see the large jib they were using for the ground shots in front of home plate.