HawkEye Media Clients & Projects

We're often asked where can some of our work be found? Who uses our services? Well here is a list of just a few projects where our photographs, video, and interactive panoramic virtual tours can be found. We provide a wide variety of services, including aerial photography, aerial video, aerial virtual tours, aerial panoramic balcony shots, website design, etc. Although we're located in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex, we're willing and capable of traveling just about anywhere to get the shot our clients need!


Baylor University Video Tour

Aerial Video on the Baylor University Campus
Mark LaBoyteaux flying the HawkEye Media RC Helicam on the Baylor Campus

In November 2008 HawkEye Media was contracted to assist with producing aerial video clips for a video virtual tour Baylor University was producing of their campus. We spent two days on location shooting low altitude aerial video with one of our rc helicams. The shots we did were used to tie the individual buildings together. Baylor did an excellent job of editing the production using a mix of full scale footage, ground footage, and our low altitude aerial video shot with our rc helicopter cameras.

You can link link to the tour on the Baylor University web site by linking here http://www.baylor.edu/virtualtour/


The Golf Club at McKinney

The Golf Club at McKinney Logo

HawkEye Media was contracted to produce both aerial and ground video footage of the Golf Club at McKinney, in McKinney Texas. We spent two days shooting aerial video with one of our rc aerial helicopters. The shoot involved flying down along several of the fairways to give the end user the perspective of the flight of the ball.

You can view the finished production on the home page of the Golf Club at McKinney website http://www.thegolfclubatmckinney.com/


Top Golf in Dallas Texas

Top Golf Dallas Texas Logo

HawkEye media was choosen to provide Top Golf in Dallas Texas with aerial video footage showcasing their facility located. This was a very challenging shoot, as they wanted us to provide a video experience similar to what the ball would see when it's tee'd off and flying across the course. We were required to hover over the tee, underneath the awning and then accelerate up and out over the course, then rapidly descending towards the pin.

Top Golf produced a promotional video, which is available on the Top Golf Home Page. We put together some of the footage here for a sample video.


Fort Worth Cats Baseball Commercials

Fort Worth Cats Baseball Team logo

HawkEye Media was contracted to produce aerial video of the Fort Worth Cats baseball team for a series of commercials for a marketing campaign in 2008. The footage was used in several of the commercials, which can still be found on YouTube. Here are some links to the commercials:

We had a LOT of fun on this shoot! We were working with a production company out of Chicago and the director had a specific shot in mind, the view of a baseball being hit out of the park and then panning towards downtown Fort Worth. We made take after take with our rc helicam aerial video platform to get the perfect shot. This was the first job we did where the camera operator used the virtual reality goggles. These goggles allow our camera operator to immerse himself within the video downlink and to actually feel as if he's flying the camera! We've put together a little demo video of some of the behind the scenes footage. You can see the large jib they were using for the ground shots in front of home plate.


Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Aerial Panoramic

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

In May of 2008, HawkEye Media donated an aerial panoramic image taken over the reflecting pool at the Oklahoma City National Memorial. We were delighted to have the opportunity to use one of our electric RC helicopters and capture the images just 75 feet directly over the reflecting pool. The interactive panoramic image is located on the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial web site at : http://www.oklahomacitynationalmemorial.org/secondary.php?section=2&catid=29&id=50


Scarlet Ibis Restaurant

Scarlett Ibis Restaraunt Logo

HawkEye Media provided the photography and interactive panoramic's used on the web site for the Scarlet Ibis, located in Addison Texas. This project required us to create photographs of their products, as well as interior photographs and panoramic images.


Horseshoe Custom Homes Web site

Horseshoe Custom Homes Logo

HawkEye Media designed and maintains the web site for Horseshoe Custom Homes, in Azle Texas. We also do all of the photography work for the web site, including the virtual tours.


Lilly Grove Water Web site

Lilly Grove Water Supply Logo

HawkEye Media designed the web site for Lilly Grove Water, located in Nacogdoches Texas.


The 220 Ranch Aerial Virtual Tour

220 Ranch Website Logo

HawkEye Media created an interactive aerial panoramic virtual tour for the 220ranch.com web site to promote the 1,000 acre ranch located near Gainesville Texas. This job required us to haul one of our rc helicam's around their 1,000 acre ranch and shoot multiple aerial panoramic's to create the tour. We also customized the tour by adding an interactive map and outlines of the property.