HawkEye Media Aerial Photography Pricing

Each aerial project is unique based upon factors such as, but not limited to, site conditions, complexity of the project, risk to equipment and personnel, and end-use of photographs. Several factors are involved in estimating the cost for a specific job such as distance to travel, complexity of the job, site conditions, risk to equipment, etc. For each job we will need to review your specific needs and provide you with a written estimate of the total costs. We treat each job as if they're all "Rush" jobs, and will attempt to get out and get them shot as quickly as possible, usually within the next day!

People call me all the time and the first question they ask is "How much do you charge to take an aerial photograph?". Well, without knowing any details or specifics of the job, my basic answer is going to be that my photography services start at $350 for a set of basic aerial photographs within our normal service area. Once I have time to get the details about what you're specifically looking for, the price might be lower and it might be higher. If you have several objects or properties you need photographed on the same day, we can discount each job into one flat rate price.

Don't hesitate to contact me by phone at 817-422-2415 or by email at for a quote

Aerial Photographs Aerial Panoramic Images  

Basic aerial photographs of a property or building within our normal service area. Client usually wants photos from 4 directions and a vertical. Includes post production for color and sharpness adjustments. Digital images delivered online or on a CD-ROM.

Price: $350 & Up

Spherical aerial panoramic images to be used in an interactive virtual tour on the web.

Single Panoramic Image:$800

Interactive tour with up to 10 images, including 4 aerial panoramics: $2500

Additional panoramic images, ground or aerial: $350 each

Aerial panoramic image for print. These images are high resolution images designed for print media up to 6 feet in width. Typically these images have an aspect ratio of 3 to 1 or greater. These images can also be used for website or digital media as well.

Price: $800



Unless otherwise agreed upon by HawkEye Media and the client, all work will be performed cash on delivery. Personal and business checks are accepted with proper identification. A 50% deposit is required prior to all jobs being performed. The balance is due upon receipt of invoice or the terms outlined in the contract.

Aerial Photography

Typically we use a Canon Digital SLR camera which provides us with 18MP images. We will provide you with a preview of the images on site, letting you choose which ones you want to use. We'll provide minor editing of these premium images including cropping, straightening, and color corrections. We price each job according to your requirements and needs. We don't bill by the hour or charge extra if the shoot takes longer than necessary.

We will provide you with proofs of these images within 3 to 5 business days in the format agreed upon in the contract. One approved by the customer, the images are delivered in their final format within 5 business days to the client according to the agreement in the contract.

All photographs or video will become your property once payment for the services has been received. HawkEye Media reserves the right to use any photograph or video for promotional purposes.

What about bad weather?
Weather is a factor, I don't like to shoot photos on overcast days. Dull light means dull photos. It also goes without saying that I don't photograph when it's raining or snowing. I like sunny days or at least partly sunny days. Winds usually aren't a problem unless it's blowing 25mph and gusty, on those days I generally lay up and do some computer work and wait for the winds to lay. I'm pretty good at watching the weather forcast and won't schedule something on a bad day.

What if I'm not satisfied?
I'm not happy until you're happy. If I don't get the shot you want, I'll reshoot it at no additional cost if it's within our normal service area. Sometimes the shot a client has in mind just isn't there or can't be done. Usually when we discuss the photo you're looking for I'll know if it's doable or not. If I can't get the photos you want, then I'll write it off and we'll go our seperate ways.

Additional Services

Photo Image Editing $75/Hour
Basic retouching to every proof is included in every job we perform. Extensive retouching involves methods to add, modify, or remove photographic content on a larger scale and carries an additional fee. If you have questions about extensive retouching, please inquire to avoid additional charges.
Video Editing $100.00/Hour (2 Hour minimum)
Each job estimate for video will include video editing. If you decide you want additional features or content beyond the original estimate, we typically bill additional work at this rate.
Interactive DVD Menu Design $75.00
Additional Prints If you decide you want additional or larger prints, we can provide that too!. Prices include standard photograph enhancements, mounting, and protective spraying. Framing and matting are not included. The sizes listed below are estimates since some cropping may be necessary depending on the photograph's content. Custom sizes are also available - please inquire to get a price on your requested size.
  • 8 x 12.....................$10
  • 10 x 16...................$20
  • 12 x 18...................$30
  • 16 x 24.................$35
  • 12 x 24.................$35
  • 12 x 36.................$40
  • 20 x 30.................$45
  • 12 x 36 Panoramic $45

Copyright and Usage

Usage rights/licenses are not valid until payment is received in full. Ownership and reproduction rights of the photographs and/or video footage remain with HawkEye Media unless otherwise specified within a separate contract. We reserves the right to use any photograph and/or video footage for personal promotion in any medium chosen. Payment for services rendered by HawkEye Media constitutes acceptance of all terms outlined here and within the contract.