Construction Progress Photography

Construction companies, contractors, brokers, and property owners can all benefit from having scheduled progress photographs done of their projects.  Low altitude aerial photography offers several benefits over traditional aerial photography. We’re able to provide high level, broad overview photographs which give you the big picture, as well as low level, close-up images which provide high resolution detail that just isn’t possible from high altitude traditional aerial photography.

Another benefit to choosing HawkEye Media for your aerial progress photography is that we shoot on location and are also able to offer you the benefits of our ground photography and video services as well. We can document your job site from the ground and from the air, saving you money by combining our services so you don’t have to hassle with hiring separate providers!
Here are some of the benefits from our services:

  • Planning & Site Evaluation
    • Get the big picture of your job site before you start construction.
  • Strategic Planning
    • An invaluable tool when planning delivery times and placements.
    • Plan access routes
    • Plan on equipment placement, trailers
  • Communication
    • Aerial photos make an important prop for staff and sub-contractor meetings.
  • Independent Documentation
    • Progress documentation provides a permanent visual record of the site’s exact condition. Dated photographs may be used to settle disputes with suppliers, sub-contractors, neighbors, or government agencies such as building inspectors, DEQ, EPA, etc.
  • Final Completion
    • Once your construction project is finished HawkEye Media can also provide you with professional Architectural Photographs of your building.
    • Photographs can be produced as a video slideshow
    • Documentary Video production is finalized and produced into a DVD and/or video for your website.