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HawkEye Media is now partnering with Helicontv for low altitude aerial video productions.

Completed our new website aimed at our aerial photography services

Completed our new website aimed at our aerial photography services



HawkEye Media is an aerial photography and aerial videography company based in the Fort Worth - Dallas area. Here at HawkEye Media we specialize in 3 services:

You might ask what is "low altitude" aerial photography and how it differs from traditional aerial photography. We utilize a fleet of small remotely controlled helicopters which allow us to position our cameras in locations where full scale aircraft and helicopters just can't go. While most full scale aerial photography is done from altitudes of 1000 feet or higher, we're able to operate all the way down to ground level. This helps to reduce the amount of atmosphere between the camera lens and the object we're photographing and allows us to get closer to our subject to capture more detail.


While low altitude aerial photography is our specialty, we also utilize full scale aircraft for those jobs where the subject is a large plot of land or just has to be done from a higher altitude.

We're not limited to just aerial photography! We also do ground based photography and video as well, such as photography for real estate, commercial photography, video documentaries, and architectural photography. While we're based in Euless Texas, which is between Dallas and Fort Worth, we're willing and able to travel to any destination within the United States and beyond!

Shooting video for Baylor University
Shooting Aerial Video on the Baylor Campus

There are lots of applications which utilize our services:

HawkEye Media also provides aerial photography and aerial video for golf courses looking to better market their services. The remote helicopter can capture overall aerial videos / photos of the property. The biggest advantage is the helicopter can fly and show each hole demonstrating the terrain and layout of the golf course.

American Airlines Spirit Of Knoxville DC-3

Photography For Real Estate

We also specialize in photography for real estate. This includes:

One of the advantages of hiring HawkEye Media for your photography needs as a real estate agent is that we can provide you with all of your photography needs in one bundle. We can shoot all of the photographs you need, ground based interior and exterior photographs, and the aerial photographs in the same session! No need to hire one photographer for the ground shots and then a separate photographer for the aerials. HawkEye Media does it all!


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